Nas Daily issue reveals worst (and funniest) chismosa cultivation

Shortly after the Nas Daily Pinoy bait issue came to light, others decided they should break their silence as well – although instead of talking about the Pinoy and Apo Whang bait issue Od, the discussion snowballed into more drama from other people who weren’t even directly related to the Nas Academy Ancient Tattooing scam.

After Gracia Palicas posted her post saying that Nas Academy’s Apo Whang Od Ancient Tattoo Course was a scam, Louise Mabulo decided to talk about an experience she had it also involved Nas Daily. Long story short, Mabulo spoke about her cocoa business (called The Cacao Project) and how Nas Daily had more or less disrespected her and her family, as well as their cocoa business, which she said was still ongoing at the time.

Nas Daily then responded to Palicas and Mabulo.

Nas Daily responded to Palicas’ request, arguing that the Ancient Tattooing class was not a scam. Her evidence was a video of her great aunt Whang Od affixing her fingerprint to a document. Presumably the document was the contract for the ancient tattoo course, but this is not clearly seen in the video itself.

In the case of Mabulo, Nas Daily said he had kept silent about his cocoa business out of respect for her and went on to speak of how her cocoa business wasn’t what she said it was.

Meanwhile, even Project Nightfall, a longtime friend of Nas Daily, joined the discussion. He defended Nas Daily against Mabulo’s claim and said the Cacao project was not what it seemed because the business was “a failure”. In addition to his defense of Nas Daily, Project Nightfall made his own video to explain how sad it is to find himself caught up in this problem when he had just joined Nas Daily to help him make the video on the Cacao de Mabulo project.

Keb Cuevas was also involved in the tea spill and called Mabulo for his cocoa business. Cuevas claimed that Louise’s cocoa business was not a social enterprise because her Cacao project mainly exploited farmers.

After Cuevas called out Mabulo, Jim Leandro joined the fray – this time it was Cuevas’ turn to be called out. Leandro called Cuevas for calling Mabulo and claimed that Cuevas’ credentials were false. He also claimed that Cuevas was a hypocrite for calling Mabulo because what he called her for was something he was also guilty of – exploit the farmers and pretend it was a “social enterprise”.

Another joined him in calling Leandro. Roentgen tweeted how Leandro had “gone missing in action” when he was president of the College and vice president of USC.

What started out as being about Whang Od and Nas Daily’s Pinoy baiting turned into a chain of problematic people calling each other to the point where it wasn’t really about it anymore. Some tea was spilled, but did it really solve something? This does not seem to be the case. This is the chismosa culture for you – problematic people who call on each other.

Still confused as to how they all ended up connected? Fortunately, a Facebook user took the initiative to create a matrix that perfectly sums up the drama in an infographic.

Via John Sherwin Felix on Facebook

Filipinos love chismis and it really shows, considering how it exploded into a series of people calling and exposing each other. These people didn’t even make particularly strong arguments, they just exposed the faults of others and called them hypocrites because they themselves are problematic as well. Of course, they were shedding light on some problematic acts committed by other people, but that was it. It doesn’t really solve anything, they just added more arguments into the mix.

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