Xoca Cacao Fruit Soda announces its launch

CHICAGO– With the launch of Xoca Cacao Fruit Soda, a new range of functional drinks made from recycled cocoa fruit juice, the idea of ​​a sustainable and healthier soda has now come to fruition. Made from the delicious, nutrient-rich pulp of the cocoa fruit, Xoca is a lightly fermented drink you’ll want to savor for its delicious taste and the sense of upliftment and mindfulness that comes from the primary source of energy of the cocoa fruit, theobromine.

Xoca Cacao Fruit Soda is launched in Chicago – a city known for cultivating revolutionary new food and beverage brands – and comes in three flavors:

  • Original: With just two ingredients, reduced cocoa fruit juice and sparkling water, our original embodies the idea of ​​a simply superior soda.
  • Mint: a refreshing and wholesome soda that is the true embodiment of cool.
  • Ginger: bold and energizing, a healthy soda with a little wild side.

The name Xoca, pronounced “show-kuh“, Has its roots in the ancient languages ​​of South America, from a word meaning ‘the waters of paradise’.

Xoca Cacao Fruit Soda is available online at drinkxoca.com for $ 35.99 for a 12 pack of 8 oz cans.

About Xoca Cacao Fruit Soda

Upcycling and durability

The cocoa fruit, recognized around the world for its distinctive pod, is a true natural wonder. Not only does it contain the seeds that turn into chocolate, but it also contains a deliciously sweet fruit pulp that is packed with energy and nutrition. But while the seeds of the cocoa fruit are used to make chocolate, the pulp is normally discarded, with over 600,000 tonnes of cocoa fruit pulp juice left behind on farms around the world each year. Today, thanks to the creation of Xoca Cacao Fruit Soda, this undervalued natural resource is available to consumers as a delicious and refreshing drink, the purchase of which benefits both the planet and the farmers who grow cocoa.

High pleasure

Xoca Cacao Fruit Soda comes at a time of transformation for the traditional soda market. Beverage consumers, driven by a desire for good taste, authenticity and better health, increasingly find a gap between brands that offer either pleasure or benefits, but not both. Xoca intends to fill this gap.

“When you drink Xoca Cacao Fruit Soda, we want you to feel high,” says co-founder Jacob Lopata, “Raised because you are part of an eco-friendly community. And raised because the Xoca’s mild sweetness and natural theobromine levels give you a nice and better boost for you anytime of the day.

Connect with Xoca on drinkxoca.com or on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram (@drinkxoca).

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