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WTH Foods Announces US $ 1.2 Million Increase in Seed Funding, Launch of R&D Center and Expansion Plans in Singapore as well as Other Markets in Southeast Asia and Worldwide . The company uses more than 60 types of plants to create 60 dishes, serving the more than 2.2 million Filipinos living away from home.

WTH Foods has also developed a new product line called Unami, featuring plant-based versions of popular Asian processed meats such as sausages and breakfast meats, which are slated to launch in 2022. Additionally, the company reports co-developed a seaweed-based chicken product with scientists from the Singapore Institute of Technology.

The founders of WTH Foods
The founders of WTH Foods LR Carlo Ng, Carissa Lim, Stephen Co, © WTH Foods

Investors in the round include Big Idea Ventures and Henry Soesanto, CEO of Monde Nissin, a Philippines-based company that acquired Quorn Foods in 2015.

“A lot of people love the taste of meat, but are looking for healthier, more sustainable options. At WTH Foods, we are developing plant-based alternatives for meat lovers, the same texture and taste as their favorite dishes but with additional health and sustainability benefits, ”said Stephen Co, co-founder and CEO of WTH Foods. “This funding will help us accelerate the development of these products and reach more markets in Southeast Asia and around the world so that people can enjoy popular dishes without guilt.”