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When recording deeds, the state of North Carolina does not require that the amount paid for a package be shown on the deed. However, a revenue stamp at the rate of $2 per $1,000 of value is affixed to each deed.

Recent property transfers recorded at the Surry County Deeds Registry Office include:

– Robert T. Lapointe and Margaret Lapointe to Michael A. Russo; 0.34 acres; $140.

– Kerstin Lemke to Latrella Kay Roberts, Jamie Lee Roberts and Colby Ronald Roberts; 0.111 acre of Mount Airy; $0.

– Jerry Lee Stanley and Freddie Jean Stanley to Maria Del Carmen Martinez Gonzalez; parcel one of 1.441 acres and parcel two of 0.827 acres PB 34 2 Dobson; $370.

– Jose Guadalupe Juarez and Mireya Gonzalez Martinez to Jose Manuel Juarez and Alexis Martin Juarez Acevedo; tract Bryan; $140.

– Estate of Mary Ann Gore, Marie G. Hawks, Raymond Patrick Hawks, Mary Ann Gore, Sherry L. Gore, Jeffrey Mears, Janet Childress, Trent H. Childress, Kathy A. Sechrist and Jonathan D. Sechrist to David B. Holt ; 5,359 acres PB 40 195 Old Buck Shoals Road Mount Airy Estate of Mary Ann Gore 22 E 172; $100.

– Estate of Laura Darleen Reidsema, Christina Farah and Laura Darleen Reidsema to James B. Lambert and Shawna Lambert; 0.469 acres Stewarts Creek Estate of Laura Darleen Reidsema 17 E 10; $51.

– Ramona E. Hundley to Alexander Phillip Norman and Chastiny Rena; tract one 1 acre tract two tract Eldora; $6.

– Evaristo O. Alles and Myrna L. Alles to Timothy McCrohan and Karen McCrohan; lots 7-8 section II subdivision Mountainview PB 9 128 Franklin; $20.

– Slate Rental, Peggy Sue Joyce and Wanda Fay Turney to Dorothy E. Eads; 0.229 acres two plots PB 40,138 Siloam; $0.

– Timothy A. Mellon and Leona Kathryn Turner to Bryce R. Mahoney and Charissa LM Mahoney; 3,704 acres tract one PB 37 90 Shoals; $74.

– Audrey Kirkman Riggs, Howard Ronald Riggs, Linda Moore Kirkman, Christal Kirkman, Jonathan G. Kirkman and Renee Kirkman to John C. Kirkman; Mount Airy tract; $8.

– Estate of Roger James Mosley Sr., Cheryl Cope, Darrell Cope, Dennis Mosley, Stephanie Mosley and Roger James Mosley Sr. to Elizabeth Dawn Epperson; lot 58 section 3 Greenfield PB 8 16 Mount Airy estate of Roger James Mosley Sr. E 109; $326.

– Suzette S. Marion and Tony G. Marion to Wesley Blake Marion; 4,313 acres PB 40,165 shoals; $0.

– Wanda Jean Hauser and William Andrew Hauser to Anthony Dale Marion and Rhonda Moore Marion; 0.2177 acres PB 40,165 Shoals; $0.

– Maurice W. Kemp Jr. and Judy A. Kemp to Charles Brian Moss and Freda Steffey Smith; land three 2,968 acres Development of Millers View PB 12 83 Marsh; $550.

– Speedway, LLC and Wilcohess, LLC to Group 4 Investments, LLC; 2,124 acres; $332.

– Gary Robert Golding and April Brooke Golding to Sam and Mildred Smith Living Trust, Sam Smith and Mildred Smith; 22.65 acres Franklin; $50.

– Cecelia A. Pritchard to David V. Tomicki and Claudia M. Tomicki; 17,957 acres PB 38,167 Westfield; $280.

– Angela Leonard Cagle and Bradley Robert Cagle at IDR, LLC; 0.124 acres for area one and 0.351 acres for area two PB 32 3 Mount Airy; $250.

– Angela Leonard Cagle and Bradley Robert Cagle at IDR, LLC; 0.71 acres, lot two PB 19,135 Mount Airy; $50.

– Angela Leonard Cagle and Bradley Robert Cagle at IDR, LLC; 0.70 acres Mount Airy; $150.

– Aleicia Robyn Wyrick and Kevin Preston Wyrick to Jacob Brian Cook; six parcels 148 Vine Street Mount Airy; $380.

– Hiatt Development, Inc., to Thomas P. Ellis and Cassandra L. Ellis; Mount Airy tract; $480.

– Mee Yang Lo to Nhia Por Lo; 0.52 acres Mount Airy; $0.

– Jefferson Joseph Hill and Felicia Hill to Bryan Gedney and Danielle Gedney; 4,726 acres Marion Road Elkin; $84.

– The Alan Ross Wagner and Janet T. Wagner Revocable Living Trust, Alan Ross Wagner and Janet T. Wagner to David Kim and Molly Brown; 0.724 acre Elkin; $706.

– Estate of Nada Ethel Crouse, Estate of Nada Ethel Meadows Crouse, Joyce Norman, Nada Ethel Crouse, Nada Ethel Meadows Crouse, Dwight Crouse, David Crouse, Debra Crouse, Russell Crouse, Katherine Crouse, William Crouse, Linda Crouse, Kyra Lynn Hernandez Ramey and Javier Hernandez to Timothy Earl Adams; 1 acre 8807 W. Pine Street Lowgap Franklin estate of Nada Ethel Crouse; $260.

– Faye S. Burton to Danny Gray Burton; 1.99 acres Dobsonian; $3.

– Faye S. Burton to Danny Gray Burton; 1.99 acres Dobsonian; $1.

– Estate of John Lee Mittman, Fredrick G. Johnson, John Lee Mittman and Amy Mittman White to J&E Properties of NC, LLC; commissioners deed tract file 21 SP 183 estate of John Lee Mittman; $93.

– Elaine Holland Royster to Chet William Lord and Jessica Martinez Lord; lot 66 and part of 65 section 3 subdivision Hollyview Forest PB 7 2 Mount Airy; $760.

– Lisa H. Overly, Jesse J. Overly, Michele Hart Holmes, Ted Holmes, Noah Edwin Hart II, Dovie Hart, Matthew Lee Hart and Amanda C. Hart to Jesse J. Overly and Lisa H. Overly; 1.78 acres PB 27 29 Stewarts Creek; $434.

– Jack Douglas Koehn to Cody Austin Mabe; 2 lots lots 27-28 Mount Airy; $306.

– Richard M. Chapell to Ashley Edmonds and Sterling Edmonds; 0.462 acres of Mount Airy; $312.

– Estate of Betty McMillian Tate, Darrell Gray Tate and Betty McMillian Tate to Amanda L. Stough and Judy L. Ivie; lots 1-6 section E PB 3 70 Mount Airy Estate of Betty McMillian Tate File 21 E 1121; $260.

– Robert J. Lovill III, Elizabeth J. Lovill and Allen J. Lovill to Lonnie W. Bledsoe Jr.; Lot 5 Section D Cross Creek Country Club Inc. Residential Development Phase I PB 8 29-30 Mount Airy; $50.

– Timothy Chad Stanley, Erin B. Stanley, Adam D. Stanley and Katherine Agatha Tsamis to Edward M. Lewis; 0.060 acres Stewarts Creek; $0.

– James Keith Gibson, Rebecca Anne Gibson, Alvis Dale Gibson, Mattie Gibson and Charlotte Gale Watson to Jaclyn Banks; Eldora tract; $313.

– Christopher W. Groner and Deborah B. Carson at Historic Reeves, LLC; three-way Elkin; $0.

– Richard J. Golden and Luann Golden to Stephen Darrell Lowe and Stephen Adam Lowe; 30,341 acres PB 40,187; $607.

– Cooks Farm Partners, LLP and Donald R. George to Andrew H. Berman and Sherry P. Berman; 4,854 acres tract eight PB 14 93 and PB 13 187 and PB 18 42 and PB 209 South Westfield; $73.

– Balogh Properties, LLC in Moises Pineda; Lot 3 Section 4 Knollwood Subdivision PB 12 186 Stewarts Creek; $500.

– Matthew L. Morton and Brittany M. Morton to Brancey Lynn Johnson; 1,411 acres lot 11 PB 14,101 Eldora; $466.

– H2CN Holdings, LLC and John Sanders at Wilton Thornburg II; 0.223 acres M&B Mount Airy; $270.

– Wallace Stanfield and Maria Elisa Lane to Anthony Scott Kimmel and Stephanie Semones Kimmel; lots 4-5 Stonegate PB 21 52; $70.

– Melba Paige Smith Hull and Michael Steve Hull to Howard William Hull Jr. and Cathy Hull; sectors 2-3 PB 36 74 Mount Airy; $260.

– Sharon G. Young and Douglas John Young to Austin S. Utt and Emily B. Wilber; lot 13 Noonkester Woods PB 6 219 Mount Airy subdivision; $543.

– Lamar Arthur Short and Katherine Snook to Lisa Boni; 0.4632 acres lot 14 Gwynwood PB 6,198 Mount Airy; $364.

– Wesley Jordan to Hannah Green and Hannah Madison Wing; Quitclaim portion of Lots 91-92 Sunset Park PB 1 76 Elkin; $0.

– Hannah Green, Hannah Madison Wing and Eric Green to Amanda L. Sipes and Christopher M. Sipes; portions of Lots 91-92 Sunset Park PB 1 76 Elkin; $253.

– Terence Michael Warren and Deborah Maiden Warren to William D. Hutchings; part one lot 15 and part two 14,553.87 square feet portion of lot 16 Windsor Park section 1 PB 11 21 Dobson; $750.

– Myra Lynn Wills and Brian Richard Wills to Mary Alice Webb Summers; lot 43 Cedar Gate subdivision section 3 PB 17 9 Ruisseau Stewarts; $8.

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