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DECATUR — The next documentary on AE Staley and the AE Staley Manufacturing Company in Decatur will have an accompanying podcast titled “Seed.”

Hosted by Julie Staley, Spencer Movies CEO and President of the Staley Museum, with co-host Laura Jahr, Director of the Staley Museum, the podcast will provide the story and background of the film “Fields of Gold.” The film will be narrated by Peter Coyote and will highlight the life of Staley and his agribusiness empire.

“The Seed” airs the first and third Tuesday of each month, via YouTube and audio on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify. Links are attached on the Spencer Films website at

“The film and accompanying podcast are more than the story of AE Staley. This is the story of the people who helped build the company, the story of Decatur, of Illinois and of America,” said Julie Staley.

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“We uncovered many stories that, due to time constraints, cannot be included in the documentary,” Jahr said, “We are able to share these treasures uncovered during the podcast and in future exhibitions at the Staley Museum.”

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