The Trove brings Mexican jewelry, mescal and culture to the Bishop Arts District

The Trove, the newest addition to the Bishop Arts District, is a treasure trove for those inclined to shop and drink.

Technically a mezcaleria, The Trove specializes in mescal. Bartenders compare alcohol to smoked tequila. But unlike tequila, which can only be sourced from Jalisco, Mexico, mescal can be made from agave grown anywhere in Mexico and still called mescal.

Customers keen on drinking libations made with mescal, CBD oil, and even 24k gold flakes will have no shortage of options on the drink menu curated by mixologist Betty Cocktail. The go-to drink is Crown Jewel, a cocktail of mescal and red wine served on a platter bordered by a silver crown.

“I’ve never seen a concept where you can have cocktails in a casual environment,” said Amanda D. Calhoun, 26, sipping an Elizabeth Taylor, a purple and gold cocktail made with gin, rose and of violet liqueur. “It relieves the pressure of not being dressed, but still feeling luxurious.”

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Pro tip: Crowned drinks are meant to be drunk, not sipped. Go to town with this puppy.

Kian Hervey

Beyond the drinks, the eye-catching decor is another intentional draw for The Trove. Blue velvet chairs line the long white marble bar, which spans more than half of the living room. The premium liquor literally stands on a gold and mirror bookcase begging adventurers to snap a picture.

Towards the rear of the room, an open VIP area features a velvet sofa, jewel-toned chairs, and floral arrangements that would make any bride or wedding guest look pale.

While the bar and lounges take center stage, the venue is an offshoot of local retailer Ely Artisan Jewelry and features display cases of sterling silver rings, bracelets and jewelry for sale.

“You will see a lot of really unique pieces, unique things that you won’t see anywhere else,” co-owner Tim Gonzalez said on a virtual tour of the space. “Our aim is to promote these [jewelry] artists because their work is one of a kind.

Jamie Uribe and Gonzalez created Ely Artisan Jewelry after traveling to Mexico for years. wanting to introduce Dallas to the jewelers and artisans they have met on their travels.

Latin pop music and Mexican folk music fill The Trove with positive energy and a sense of escape south of the border.

“It’s not cultural appropriation here; it looks authentic, ”Calhoun said, taking a bite of his Dulces Mexicanos cheese board. Other tapas on the menu include Mexican cactus, cotija cheese, fresh avocado, and tomatillo sauce.

“It was something that was lacking in this region,” she added.

The Trove officially opened on February 23. Hand sanitizer is placed throughout the venue and all customers are to adhere to COVID-19 catering precautions. On Sunday, the bar will host local drag troupe Ruby Diamond and Her Dolls with a showcase from 2pm.

The Trove, 320 W. 7th St. in Bishop Arts, is open to treasure seekers from 5 p.m. to midnight Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 12 p.m. to 2 a.m. Friday and Saturday, and 12 p.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday.

Click to enlarge Grab and eat, catch a show, or shop for Mexican handmade jewelry at The Trove in Bishop Arts.  -KIAN HERVEY

Grab and eat, catch a show, or shop for Mexican handmade jewelry at The Trove in Bishop Arts.

Kian Hervey

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