The Seed is a shallow 80s horror pastiche with lackluster misogyny


Seed is the premiere of this week’s horror movie on horror streaming service Shudder, and that’s probably the best thing that can be said about it. At first glance, The Seed looks like a low-budget indie horror film about a trio of women trapped in a remote location with an alien invader. Other than that, there seems to be nothing but slick production values ​​and practical non-CGI effects of the gloopy variety.

“The seed” again: Frisson.

Three young women head to a luxury home to witness a meteor shower in the desert. Two of them are influencers who plan to film it on their phones for the likes, while the third is a quasi-Luddite who avoids social media. She’s the sensitive, thoughtful person whose Final Girl status is telegraphed, while the script seems to judge the other two with contempt for their reliance on their phones and social media. The meteor shower brings a gooey, stinky creature that lands on the estate and continues to get its head dirty until only the Final Girl realizes it’s an alien invasion that needs to be stopped. The story takes a long time to get going and every plot point is completely predictable.

The most exciting way to watch Seed is to regard it as a cynical sequel to by David Lynch eraser head. Imagine if a mini-studio or production company with a little seed money got the rights to this seminal, highly personal experimental art film and did a hacky follow-up decades later without Lynch’s input. The alien in The Seed appears to be the monstrous fetus of eraser head, now grown up and looking for dates, possessing mind control powers to coerce women into having trippy Body Horror sex so he can impregnate them. It has nothing to say but a slow and laborious journey to a psychedelic and predictable climax littered with violence.

Shudder often picks up indie horror gems that might otherwise be overlooked. This is how you could discover subversive, fresh and original films like master of hell; They Living in the gray Where Host. Seed is not one of those gems. The film initially seems to comment on influencer culture and narcissism, but really says nothing at all. Sounds like a slick showreel auditioning for future work, hopefully on a higher budget. Her message is… influencers deserve to be punished by being mind controlled and raped by an alien? The film is a throwback to 80s horror movies, but also embraces their misogyny where women’s bodies are there to be spoiled and violated for no good reason. What if it had been a trio of men and the scenario was completely the same? It would have been a witty subversion of horror movie sexism, but the director is clearly not interested in trying anything new or original. The most interesting thing about the film is its production dynamic: it’s set in the US but shot in Malta, its American characters are played by British actresses who deserve better. Maybe that’s the real subtext of Seed: a British commentary on how violent and stupid they think America is.

But hey, there’s always next weekend. Perhaps then the premiere of the new horror film will be original and surprising. We live in hope.

Seed is now streaming on shudder.


The Seed is a shallow 80s horror pastiche with lackluster misogyny

Review by Adi Tantimedh


A slick, pointless, predictable and labored throwback to 80s horror movies with practical effects that also include unnecessary misogyny. Why does this movie hate influencers anyway?

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