The perfect sweet starter snack for the braai

If you have guests, you want to offer them delicious snacks when they arrive or a delicious dessert. these chocolate twists and mixed seeds are great like these two. They are light, crunchy, sweet and full of richness. You will already have most of the ingredients if you already like to cook regularly. They look great as a snack centerpiece and look like breadsticks, but are a bit more forgiving.

Make your chocolate and mixed seed twists

You don’t need to make your own puff pastry, and store-bought puff pastry is usually fine as is. Your rolling skills are put to the test so that your turns are not too wide. The puff pastry ensures layers of butter that are light and crispy like never before. The rich dark chocolate adds an extra layer of flavor and is almost addictive in its goodness. Make sure the chocolate is chopped as finely as possible and crush some seeds.

If you love a great appetizer for a dinner party or need sweet desserts on the table this weekend, try our Chocolate Mixed Seed Twists.

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