‘The Bad Seed Returns’ Ending Potentially Creates Another Lifetime Movie Sequel

Have we seen the last of Emma Grossman? The little girl with the murderous side we first met in Lifetime’s The bad seed grew, but it did not reform. In The bad seed returns, airing September 5, Emma continues to exact revenge on those who cross her path, with deadly results. By the end of the movie, she’s racked up the full body count. And there could be more, if Lifetime decides to make a third. Bad Seed film.

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Bad Seed Returns.]

Emma turns against her friends and family in “The Bad Seed Returns”

Mckenna Grace in ‘The Return of the Bad Seed’ | Lifetime

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The last time we saw Emma (Mckenna Grace), she was a little girl taken in by her aunt Angela (played here by Michelle Morgan) following the death of her father David (Rob Lowe). In The bad seed returns, she is now 15 and a seemingly average teenager, at least at first glance. She has several close friends, does well in school, is a member of the dance team, and appears to be romantically involved with Angela, her Uncle Robert (Benjamin Ayres), and their new baby, Cade.

Emma may look like a normal teenager to those around her, but it’s clear there’s something wrong with her. She rehearses basic social interactions in the mirror and quietly bubbles up when things don’t go her way. Emma resents her infant cousin and is angry when her uncle plans to send her to boarding school. She is jealous when her friend (Marlowe Zimmerman) is made captain of the dance team in her place. Plus, there’s the unsettling question from Kat (Ella Dixon), a girl from Emma’s old school who just moved to town. She sees through her classmate, which puts Emma in danger.

When Emma feels threatened, she goes wild. Is it a surprise when accidents start? Her aunt’s baby nearly drowned in the pool. Robert is almost crushed to death under a car. Her best friend’s dog is stolen and later found dead. And that’s before the violent conflagration in the film’s final act.

Almost all of Emma’s loved ones are dead at the end of “The Bad Seed Returns”

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Emma got away with multiple murders in The bad seed. She starts again in The bad seed returns, which ends with her killing Ella, Robert, and Angela – and somehow coming out looking like the victim. (Earlier in the film, she staged the death of her dance team rival by stealing his epilepsy medication; she also killed her friend’s dog).

Angela began to suspect that something was seriously wrong with her niece. She packs the baby in the car and leaves to visit Brian (Lorne Cardinal), the man who killed David when he thought he was attacking Emma at the end of the first film. This frees Emma to carry out her deadly plan. She pretends to hand an olive branch to Kat, inviting her to speak. Then she poisons the other girl’s hot chocolate with her uncle’s painkillers, causing her to pass out.

Emma leaves her classmate to die and takes care of her uncle. Robert is at home, but he is still recovering from his accident and his mobility is reduced. She plays a recording of a crying baby and Robert, who thinks his wife and child have come home, crawls upstairs to check on the baby’s condition. (Emma has already done several things to make him look like a neglectful father, which is why he’s so determined to check on Cade). Meanwhile, she sets fire to a saucepan in the kitchen, echoing another kitchen fire that everyone blames on Robert.

The house goes up in flames, with Robert trapped upstairs. Emma runs outside, where she confronts Angela, who has just returned home. Angela has finally realized the truth about Emma: she has antisocial personality disorder. “You are a freak,” she told her niece before running inside to save her husband. But it’s too late, and Angela and Robert are engulfed in smoke.

Emma triumphs, but where could she go next?

Emma and Ella hold hands in
‘The bad seed returns’ | Lifetime

At the end of The bad seed returns, Emma and Cade are the only surviving members of the Grossman family. Emma meets a social worker, who says she’ll do her best to keep the two together (which seems like very bad news for the baby).

The film concludes the final chapter in Emma’s deadly story. So far, Lifetime has not confirmed that we will see another Bad Seed after. But there’s a lot of potential for a third movie involving the character.

Imagine the unlucky family that takes her in as an adopted daughter after the latest tragedy. Or consider his relationship with his cousin. She didn’t like the baby in that movie, but now that he’s her only living family, it’s not hard to watch her turn against anyone who tries to tear them apart. There’s also Nathan (Jude Wilson), the unfortunate who falls in love with Emma (and shows up to comfort her as her house is destroyed by fire). He’s in her good graces now, but what if he tries to break up with her? Emma would surely come up with a creative death for anyone who dared to dump her. There’s no doubt that Emma could have plenty of opportunities to wreak more havoc, should Lifetime wish to continue the series.

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