Take a Hot Cocoa Crawl Through This North Carolina Town

This Christmas season, fans of hot chocolate may satisfy their cravings while touring a seaside town in North Carolina.

Hot Cocoa Crawl is taking place in Elizabeth City until January 2, 2022. The Hot Cocoa Crawl will be in conjunction with yearly activities in Elizabeth City, including the city’s public tree lighting ceremony.

“This year, we wanted to enhance that wonderful atmosphere by hosting a seasonal event that residents and tourists could enjoy together and that benefited our outstanding local businesses,” said Corrina Ruffieux, Executive Director of Visit Elizabeth City. “A steaming cup of handmade hot chocolate is one of the most delectable winter pleasures, and developing unique recipes was a fun and innovative way to engage restaurants, coffee shops, breweries, and bars.”

Hot Cocoa Crawl thirteen establishments

The Hot Cocoa Crawl has thirteen establishments. They and their cocoas include the following:

  • Sleigh No More from Paradiso Roma Ristorante is the traditional handmade cocoa with a properly toasted marshmallow.
  • The Dirty Snowman is a decadent hot chocolate à la mode served at The Mills Downtown Bistro. This Instagram-worthy drink has vanilla ice cream, Bailey’s for adults, and hot cocoa.
  • Go no farther than Big Boss Burritos, a neighborhood staple that serves a classic version made with Xocolatl chocolate and chile guajillo for spicy Mexican hot chocolate.
  • SweetEasy’s delectable mini-cake is inspired by the popular holiday taste combination of peppermint and chocolate. Hot cocoa with peppermint syrup and dark chocolate morsels, with crushed peppermint and marshmallows.
  • Chocoholics will not want to miss Muddy Waters Coffeehouse’s Liquid Brownie Hot Chocolate. The shop’s top famous mocha gets done up in celebration of the holidays. Steamed milk combines dark chocolate sauce, hazelnut syrups, and caramel.
  • Visit Ghost Harbor Brewing Company for their Mocha Coppola Coffee Stout. The seasonal brew, created in conjunction with Muddy Waters Coffeehouse, mixes the tastes of beer, coffee, and chocolate to create a flavor that is uniquely holiday-appropriate.
  • 2 Souls Wine Bar will serve an exquisite red wine hot chocolate created with warm cocoa, and a Murray Wines red blend finished with silky whipped cream and a sprinkle of cacao powder.
  • A dash of vanilla vodka and a sprinkling of salt is added at Montero’s Restaurant to produce a gourmet rendition of the original peppermint hot chocolate.

On Saturdays, Page After Page Bookstore will have Christmas-themed storytimes with complimentary hot chocolate and daily seasonal book discounts. Patrons may enjoy hot chocolate, Attend a drink and paint session or create a beautiful Christmas door hanging at Water’s Edge Boutique.

According to Andrew LeClair, proprietor of Paradiso Roma Ristorante, their cocoa formula was developed with Talia Krites, formerly of The Flour Girls Cafe & Bakery. Their beverage includes her signature hot cocoa bombs.

The U.S. cocoa division of Transmar declares bankruptcy

Just a few weeks after the parent company’s European operation declared insolvency due to “unfavorable” cocoa contracts and changes in the British pound, Transmar Group Ltd.’s U.S. division file your own case for bankruptcy protection, according to court documents.

On December 31, Transmar Commodity Group Ltd voluntarily filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy with the Southern District of New York United States Bankruptcy Court. The company provides cocoa products to significant chocolate manufacturers like Hershey Co HSY.N and Nestle NESN.S.

With operations in the United States, Europe, South America, and West Africa, Transmar Group is a significant purchaser and processor of cocoa beans. According to Robert Frezza, chief restructuring officer for Transmar, in a court document filed on January 3, the U.S. subsidiary intends to continue operating throughout the legal process.

According to Frezza, Transmar Commodity Group’s financial difficulties were made worse by the European operation of Transmar Group, Euromar Commodities GmbH, a German cocoa grinder and important customer of the American business, declaring insolvency in early December.

Frezza cited challenges integrating Transmar Group’s infrastructure and corporate governance as examples of how the company’s rapid expansion, which persisted as recently as 2015, and unpredictable cocoa prices created issues. According to the filing, Transmar Commodity Group’s top customer for cocoa products has been Euromar, an indirect subsidiary of Transmar Group, with sales volumes rising dramatically between 2013 and 2015.

After the United Kingdom chose to exit the European Union in June 2016, the pound GBP=, the currency in which bulk of the world’s cocoa is traded, experienced swings, this put more pressure on Euromar. According to Transmar’s statement, the business has between 200 and 999 estimated creditors and assets worth between $100 million and $500 million.

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