Road to second seed in AFC playoffs just got easier for Bills

It should be a fun end to the 2021 regular season this Sunday across the NFL, as the Buffalo Bills host the New York Jets at Highmark Stadium for a 4:25 p.m. kickoff.

The Bills are currently the 4th seed in the AFC playoff picture, with a playoff spot notched up. The Bills can win the AFC East with a victory over the Jets on Sunday, or a loss for the New England Patriots to the Miami Dolphins.

Bills are more likely to be seed 3 or 4, but they still have a shot at seed 2 and a thin hit to drop for seed 7.

First, how do Bills fall into seed 7? It begins with a loss to the Jets on Sunday, with a victory for the Patriots, a victory for the Colts and a victory for the Chargers. There’s only a five percent chance of that happening, depending on playoff status.

But seed 2 has a slightly higher chance at 11%.

The Bills need to beat the Jets and they needed losses from the Chiefs and Bengals. Kansas City plays the Denver Broncos and Cincinnati plays the Cleveland Browns. The Broncos and Browns were both eliminated from the playoffs.

The losing Bengals have become much more likely, however. Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow will not play, along with other Bengals starters, in favor of the rest.

Star running back Joe Mixon will also not be playing, having been placed on the COVID-19 roster on Wednesday.

It looks like the Bengals don’t go higher than a 4 seed. This means the Bills have a better chance of progressing. However, it’s probably worth getting Seed 2 instead of Seed 3, as that would likely be the difference between playing a team like the Raiders or Chargers, or a team like the Colts, who destroyed you Bills. in November 41. -15.

If the Bills finish seed 3, the Colts or Patriots will most certainly be the match. If they’re the 2 seeds, they’ll guarantee themselves at least two home playoff games, assuming they can win the Wild Card weekend.

Let’s see how it all goes.

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