Pioneer of Korean “Kew&Leaves” tea culture, coming to Amazon in late 2022

‘Kew&Leaves’, created by world-acclaimed master tea blender Sung Hyeonjin, is a tea blend brand that blends tea with local ingredients for a modern narrative of Korean flavor and taste history that represents the country. A brand that has grown steadily through relentless exploration of all stages, from initial planning, through ingredient selection, to final blending, ‘Kew&Leaves’ is building its own world of tea blending unique that lives up to its slogan “Blending tea that will be loved for a century”, which makes its next release on Amazon look promising.

The tea blend researched and developed at ‘Kew&Leaves’ has received worldwide recognition, including the honor of being the first Korean tea brand to win the iTQi Superior Taste award, also known as the ‘Michelin for Foods and drinks’ in Belgium for 3 consecutive years, and winning first place at the GTA (Golden Tea Award). In addition, “Kew&Leaves” tea is served in well-known hotels and Michelin restaurants and cafes in Korea, such as “Gravity Seoul Pangyo” by Joseon Hotel, Mayfield Hotel, and Gentle Monster F&B brand “Nudake”.

The ‘Kew&Leaves’ signature line of teas includes a variety of products such as ‘Citrus Love’, an organic Jeju chamomile and tangerine peel tea blend that won 3 stars at the Superior Taste Award. ‘Lemony Oolong’, a refreshing blend of lemony myrtle and mint, oolong tea blend. ‘Black Yuzu’, a tea blend made from rose blossom, rooibos and citron from Goheug, South Jeolla, which won 2 stars at the Superior Taste Award. ‘Flower Garden’, a tea blend made from black tea with a floral and sweet scent of Muscat. ‘Seoul Breakfast’ a classic black tea blend made with the earthy, uplifting aroma of roasted rhynchosia beans for a Korean-style breakfast, ‘Caramel Teamericano’ a black tea blend made with a sweet caramel scent that harmonizes roasted coffee beans with tea. ‘Nodeul Earl Grey’, a special blend of Kew&Leaves black tea with scents of bergamot, rose and peach. ‘Better than Choco’, a tea blend made from Pu’er tea with cocoa nibs, rosehip and a rich chocolate aroma. ‘Rosie Peach’, a tea blend made from Oolong tea with sweet scents of peach, apricot and flowers. For tea lovers, the iTQi Superior Taste Award winners ‘Citrus Love’ (3 stars) and ‘Black Yuzu’ (2 stars) are a must.

The ‘Kew&Leaves’ rep told us that “In this pandemic era, it has become especially important to show your loved ones how much you care for them, and you can do just that with Kew&Leaves tea coming to Amazon in the second half of 2022.” They also added that they will “continue our research into the blend of tea flavors that everyone can enjoy.”

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