PawCo Raises Seeds, Launches “World’s First” Plant-Based Meat Pet Food

Starting pet food PawCo announces the launch of its own plant-based dog food. Founded by dr. Mahsa Vazin, a former employee of Impossible Foods, PawCo also reveals that he raised a seed round earlier this year for an undisclosed amount.

“I am now dedicated to helping all of our furry friends live happy, healthy and joyful lives.”

According to the brand, it invented the world’s first all-vegetable meat designed specifically for pet food. Designed to be as tasty as traditional meat, PawCo says its recipe contains all the essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals most adult dogs need to thrive. His product offerings contain vegetable proteins mixed with a variety of fruits and vegetables; including peanut butter and apple, green mix and carrots, and blueberries and vegetables.

Because the foods are free of animal products, they are also recommended for pets with allergies. The company is backed by a team of scientists and certified pet nutritionists and claims that its products meet or exceed AAFCO nutrition standards.


New generation of pet food

As the meatless dog food market continues to grow, studies demonstrated that dogs fed a well-balanced plant-based diet showed fewer signs of poor health and disease than dogs fed standard kibble. American brands like Wilderness, V-Dogand Petaluma have seen significant growth over the past year, while non-pet food producers like Clif Bar have recently entered the segment with plant-based products. jerky dog.

PawCo says it has already shipped its first batch of products and is accepting new orders. By removing animals from the pet food supply chain, the company hopes to improve animal care while reducing the environmental impact of dog food manufacturing.

PawCo Plant Based Pet Food
Dr Mahsa Vazin ©PawCo

“As a scientist, I couldn’t stand seeing Paco, my beloved dog, eating unhealthy foods every day,” said Dr. Mahsa Vazin, Founder and CEO of PawCo Foods. “That’s why I founded PawCo Foods – to change the way our pets eat every day and make the world a greener place. I’m now dedicated to helping all of our furry friends live happy, healthy and happy.

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