Noala Raises $4M in Seed Funding

Noalaa London, UK-based provider of a digital speech therapy platform has raised $4 million in seed funding.

The round was led by LocalGlobe with participation from Cocoa Ventures, and Nicolas Brusson (BlaBlaCar), Josefin Landgard (Kry), Adrien Nussenbaum (Mirakl), Xavier Louis (Peak), among others.

The company intends to use the funds to continue to develop its digital tools by expanding the product and clinical teams.

Founded by Emilie Spire, Noala is designed to support speech-language pathologists, their patients, and their families by removing many of the barriers that exist when trying to access lifesaving therapy services, both online and offline.

For patients and their families, Noala is a coaching platform that provides benefits as a standalone treatment option, or it can be used while patients are on waitlists, and alongside existing treatment plans. from the NHS or from the school. Each six-week program is organized and managed by its in-house clinical team. Users are assigned dedicated speech therapists throughout their stay on the platform and these speech therapists review each patient’s progress to offer clinical feedback and tailor the program to individual needs and development.

Its first program focuses on language development, improving spoken language comprehension for children aged two to seven through six themed sessions, from body parts to animals and more. Each week, families have access to coaching videos from Noala’s clinical director and a set of digital exercises such as flash cards, keywords and coloring sheets. After each week of practice, families can book a video call with their dedicated speech-language pathologists to review their progress and help them reach their goals.

For speech therapists, the platform can be used by any professional practicing in the UK and US to integrate and manage their existing workload. Noala not only includes all the digital resources they need to run their practice, designed to complement and support their current workflows, including integrated and interactive video calling tools, a session, an invoice generator and clinical note templates, but it offers them an evolving library of clinically reviewed exercises. This includes access to free online sessions with other professionals who matter to their continuing professional development goals.



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