Nature, Culture and Gastronomy Tours in Ecuador

“Ecuador has given priority to the American market. This is the first market from which they receive tourists. Although with the pandemic the numbers have dropped, there has always been an influx of Americans,” says Ana Ontaneda, director of promotions and marketing for the ministry. tourism from Ecuador to TravelPulse.

The interviewee mentions that tourists who visit Ecuador are looking for adventure tourism, the Amazon and the Galapagos, the jewel in the crown. A point in favor of the destination is that the country can be traveled quickly, in a few hours, due to its size. “In 4 hours, the tourist is on the beach, and he can go to the Amazon in two hours. Domestic flights are short (the longest is 45 minutes). It is easy to get around, and it does not take long to get to know Ecuador. After the pandemic, outdoor tourism opened up,” says Ontadena.


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Four days in Quito and Guayaquil

Both cities have international airports. From Quito there is a great cultural offer, especially the Centro Histórico, an ancient site. There is also the city Mitad del Mundo. And 1h30. away are the tropical forests, or you can head to La Coca, the part of the Amazon (30 min. by plane; 4 hours by car).

Although most tourists only come to Coca as a port of embarkation to Amazonian lodges in Yasuni National Park, Huaorani Reserve, Limoncocha Biological Reserve and Cuyabeno Reserve, the town can be said to have a quite impressive tourist infrastructure.

Coca is not a place where visitors spend much time, but despite this, there are hotels, restaurants, bars and nightclubs. It is an exclusive venue and is run by the local community. There is a lot of cultural tourism in Cuenca, and in Baños, 2 hours from Quito, there is adventure tourism. From Quito there is adventure and sports tourism.

In terms of gastronomy, each province has its own increasingly well-known typical dishes: roasted cuy (hamster), pork (hornado, frittata), or even cocoa, very popular in Ecuador. Paccari is the company that put Ecuadorian cocoa in the mouths of the world.

The route of the sun in Guayaquil offers beautiful beaches, where the food offered is also delicious and considered one of the best. The climate is very mild and the water is not cold. The distance from Quito to the nearest beach is 4 hours. For those traveling by road, the hotel’s infrastructure and offerings are impeccable. “Ecuador is a country for families. There are activities and destinations for everyone. The Galapagos Islands are different. The rest of Ecuador is suitable for children, babies and even senior tourism. many American retirees live in Cuenca,” the audience says. official.

Mitad del Mundo has cultural, tourist, commercial and scientific offers. Its architecture corresponds to the colonial style.

The museum infrastructure of both cities is important. The historic center of Quito was founded in 1534. There is the Church of the Company, which has gold leaf. You can climb the domes and enjoy the city. There are many museums. The Chapel of the Burning Man, with a museum of all his works, is an emblematic building for its architecture, and the pictorial and mural work was inaugurated on November 29, 2002. It is part of the Guayasamin Foundation cultural complex, located in Bellavista-Quito, which currently has: The Chapel of Man, the Guayasamin House-Museum -the residence where the Master lived his last years-; and the archaeological site, with 13 pre-Hispanic tombs discovered.

The Carondelet Palace is the seat of government and the official residence of the President of the Republic of Ecuador. It is located in the historic center of the capital Quito. It is one of the main symbols of the Ecuadorian State and the nerve center of the public space known as Plaza de la Independencia or Plaza Grande (viceregal name).

Mitad del Mundo has cultural, tourist, commercial and scientific offers. Its architecture corresponds to the colonial style. It has multiple and varied commercial establishments where it is possible to find crafts from all over the territory and gastronomy for all tastes, national and international, traditional or gourmet. The history of this city is associated with the geodetic mission that arrived in Ecuador in 1736 to take part in the measurement of a quadrant of the meridian arc in order to verify the shape of the earth.

Mitad del Mundo is a well-known place where many people go to have their picture taken, walking with each foot on a different hemisphere. There are boutique hotels, which have recently become a popular destination for weddings.

Galápagos Land & Sea — Central and Eastern Islands aboard the Monserrat
The emblematic animal is the tortoise, the George, of gigantic proportions, or the blue-footed boobies.

Seven days in the Galapagos Islands

To get there, you have to fly from Quito or Guayaquil. There are two entrances, San Cristobal and Baltra. The site is very accessible and there are several days left to visit at least four islands, such as Isabela, among others. The emblematic animal is the tortoise, the George, of gigantic proportions, or the blue-footed boobies. The flora and fauna of the site contribute to the tourist attraction.

“People who come to this site fall in love with the environment and its inhabitants. The site can be visited anytime, in December, January and February – the austral summer – it is hot and humid, no more than 35 “C, but it’s windy. When it’s cold, in June, July and August, it’s cold. The visit is not cheap because the authorities do not want mass tourism in the region”, explains Ana Ontadena from the Ecuadorian Ministry of Tourism.

The hotel infrastructure of the Galapagos Islands is vast and diverse. The inhabitants of the islands are responsible for giving tours and explanations; they are professionally trained to do so. There are requirements to enter the islands, such as a non-COVID-19 certificate. Take care of animals and do not throw them away. The Galápagos Islands are a magical place.

The Charles Darwin Foundation continues to work and is in close contact with local universities to prepare students for the care and preservation of flora and fauna. Some famous historical visits to the islands include Queen Isabella among others.

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