Luya Foods closes seed cycle for meat created from recycled Okara

Luya Foods SA, a spin-off of the Swiss BFH, successfully completed his first round of selection. Luya says she is redefining the plant-based protein space by creating a new category of animal-free alternative meat products created through the fermentation of recycled okara.

Luya defines itself as a tasty, plant-based alternative to meat that doesn’t try to be meat. Luya Foods recycles organic okara, a byproduct of tofu and soy milk production, of which over 14 million tonnes end up in waste every year around the world despite its high nutritional value and fiber content. Luya has developed his own proprietary process – a combination of traditional fermentation methods and modern technologies – to save okara and turn it into delicious food. The first products are ready-to-cook pieces and burger patties. With this process, Luya eliminates all additives and highly processed protein isolates and offers 100% natural and organic delicacies made in Switzerland.

The funding round was led by Redalpine Venture Partners. Previously, Luya was supported by the Gebert Rüf Foundation, VentureKick and BFH-HAFL. The new capital will be used to expand production, product development and enter the retail market.

The Luya Foods team
Luya Foods team © Luya Foods AG

Following the successful launch of Luya Okara Chunks and Luya Okara Burgers in Swiss restaurants in July 2021, the Luya team plans to launch the products in Swiss retailers in 2022. To meet the rapidly growing demand for delicious products from Luya, a first significant increase in production is planned for 2022. In addition, the new funding will accelerate research and development of future Luya products and strengthen the Luya fermentation platform.

“We are very happy to have secured the necessary capital to launch Luya on the Swiss market, prepare our international expansion and accelerate our mission to define a new category of meat substitutes with our natural and organic products”, said the co- founder Flavio Hagenbuch.

“I am very happy to start this journey with Luya Foods. I’ve never really liked soy meat substitutes and this is the first product I really like – amazingly it’s made from soy. We are very happy to help Luya Foods bring its products to consumers around the world, ”said Nadine Geiser, Investment Manager at Redalpine.

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