Klur’s New Supreme Seed is a clay mask for stressed skin

Clay masks are not known to be gentle on the skin. Typically used as deep cleansing treatments, they can often clean up a bit too much well, your skin ends up being stripped or out of balance, just when you thought you’d found the solution. That’s why the brand new Supreme Seed Klur the face mask is deliberately marked as a “delicate cleansing mask”. Yes, the creamy blend contains cleansing clay, but formulates it specifically with ingredients to calm fragile, redness-prone skin.

Not to mention the fact that this is Klur’s first foray into the category. “74 weeks ago we sent in our very first lab sample and 24 versions later here we are. Our very first mask has arrived,” the brand shared on its official Instagram page, announcing the new face mask. “Designed for sensitive skin, Supreme Seed works best in 10-15 minutes. A gentle, targeted cleansing process helps decongest, reduce and release the build-up of daily environmental impurities. The result is a considerably smoother, smoother product. luminous, more revitalized, and a radiant complexion! “

So how does the $ 60 mask work? Good question. Like any Klur product, founder of Lesley Thornton the experience as a beautician shines through. Supreme Seed uses Kaolin Clay, a mineral rich, non-drying skin purifier with a neutral pH level. So, expect to tone, firm and cleanse, without leaving your skin dry after washing it.

Courtesy of Klur

This effective base is mixed with vitamin B5, also known as panthenol, as well as cocoa extract, which you might notice if you go sniffing the mask before putting it on. The powerful antioxidant is very rich in vitamin C, which stimulates the circulation system in your body and helps in the generation of cell tissue in the skin. Calendula cfficinalis extract is also used as a means of reducing any irritation.

In addition, parabens, fragrances, phthalates and dyes are completely excluded from the formula, making it even more accessible to a greater number of buyers. If that sounds like something you might like, too, keep reading – Klur’s all new Supreme Seed mask is ahead.

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