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In light of the countless videos on TikTok that have gone viral for all the wrong reasons, Joey Swol believes it is time to change. Recently, Swoll took to his YouTube channel and discussed the issue of recording others while working out at the gym.

This week, Joey made headlines after schooling another female TikToker who tried to shame a man for “raising his ego”. During the since-deleted video on TikTok, the woman said the man was making “half-ass representations” before Swoll posted a clip in response to the scrutiny. Joey explained that the man was doing “partials” which are great moves for working the deltoids and building mass.

It seems ‘toxic gym culture’ has become a pervasive issue as the popular bodybuilder battled online with fellow TikTok star Nicki Fitness a few months ago. Similar to the woman featured in her latest TikTok feud, Nicki poked fun at a man who practiced drag curls. Little did she know (at the time) that drag curls are an effective technique for building biceps, which were endorsed by respected bodybuilding trainer Charles Glass. Nicki Fitness has apologized for her actions, though it looks like the issue isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Joey Swoll to People Recording at the Gym: “Be Better Than That”

Joey Swoll weighed in on the TikTok situation and pointed out that “toxic gym culture” is a paramount issue in fitness today.

“Stop filming people in the gym. Change the toxic gym culture! Joey Swoll legend said.

“This man has done nothing wrong. He is in a public gym, minding his own business and training well and you decided to film him and make him look like a bad guy to attract attention on social media.You’re literally on a piece of equipment that’s only a few feet away from him in his device and you made noise and he stared at you for a millisecond.

He didn’t do anything wrong. You want attention based on shaming her at the expense of women who are actually being harassed and made uncomfortable in gyms by creeps. Think about it, think about what you could have done to her.

He may have a wife, he may have children, think what that could have done to his reputation. My advice, the next time you see him, apologize to him, put on the headphones, turn up the music, and mind your own business. Be better than that. Joey Swoll said in his video.


Stop filming people in the gym. Change the toxic gym culture! Gymtok MYOB

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TikTok and fitness have been closely linked since the app’s inception. Sometimes these gym situations turn into chaos, and other times they turn out to be almost harmless. A few weeks ago, an example showed a man being accused of surveilling a woman during her workout. Despite his suspicions, an alternate camera angle surfaced showing the man simply watching television. Things aren’t always what they seem, and a camera angle or short video isn’t always enough to convict gym goers for what people think is creepy behavior.

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Joey is focused on educating his audience on TikTok and his fitness expertise is one of the main reasons he attracts such a massive fanbase. With 1.4 million likes, the viral video is Joey’s latest attempt to tackle the toxic online gym culture that has become far too common.

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