Healthy chocolate and chia seed dessert

We all deserve a treat every now and then and we don’t want to feel guilty about it. When you are on a low calorie diet for your health and / or fitness, you can’t always indulge in the sweet things you want. However, there are some great ways to get there without feeling guilty. Chocolate is the world’s favorite pudding and we want you to experience it and enjoy it. Our healthy chocolate chia seed dessert is low in calories and will fit your nutritional goals without adding too much.

chia seeds are an excellent source of potassium and other nutrients. Lightly crush the seeds before adding them to your pudding to help break down hard cell walls and get nutrients. Get some sugar-free cocoa powder and start this party of flavors. Your choice of raw honey will help sweeten this already delicious pudding. Each serving contains only 294 calories, making it a great addition to your cheat meal or as a great dinner dessert for your family.

A dessert that will satisfy your sweet tooth and fit into your healthy diet, our healthy chocolate and chia seed dessert is here to put a smile on your face.

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