Grace Tame shoots Scott Morrison for cultural apology in Parliament

Grace Tame fires shot at Scott Morrison just seconds after saying ‘SORRY’ to political staffers including Brittany Higgins ‘leaving room in tears’

  • Statement acknowledging toxic culture in parliament read
  • Party leaders later apologized for sexual harassment for several years
  • Scott Morrison has apologized to Brittany Higgins who alleged she was raped
  • But Grace Tame said the apology was just a ‘stunt’ to win votes ahead of the election

Grace Tame blasted Scott Morrison just seconds after he issued a historic apology to female workers for sexual harassment and bullying in Parliament.

Ms Tame said the apology – which followed a statement of recognition – was a “shot” to win votes and would in fact bring no change.

“How about some proactive and preventative measures and not just these last minute performative election stunts,” she wrote on Twitter.

Grace Tame (right) blasted Scott Morrison after he apologized to female staff for sexual misconduct in parliament

Ms Tame, who was raped by her 58-year-old maths teacher when she was 15, won the 2021 Australian of the Year after campaigning for women’s safety.

The declaration of acknowledgment to Parliament was the first of 28 recommendations from a toxic culture review in Parliament.

The review was set up after former Liberal staffer Brittany Higgins in March alleged she was raped by a minister’s office colleague in 2019 and saw 490 women and men tell stories of bad treatments.

Ms Higgins watched the party leaders’ statement and subsequent apology in Parliament but left the chamber in tears.

‘I apologize. We are sorry. I feel sorry for Miss Higgins for the terrible things that have happened here,’ Mr Morrison said.

“It is clear that practical and cultural changes are needed to make parliamentary workplaces safer. This recognition is a marker, yet another step, a moment of change.

“This review is about a long-standing culture, generations of culture, in this place and in the building that preceded it, of bullying and harassment that happened during this time,” added Ms. Morrison.

“An imbalance of power during this period that has been exploited. And this exploitation, abuse and harassment has resulted in terrible traumatic and heartbreaking experiences.

“The harassment of staff, especially female staff, as well as the harassment of female members and senators.

“For several decades, the culture [that] bullying, abuse, harassment and, in some cases, even violence have become normalized. This must change, this is changing and I believe it will change.

Ms Higgins watched the statement in parliament and was described as 'visibly upset'

Ms Higgins watched the statement in parliament and was described as ‘visibly upset’

Former Liberal staffer Rachelle Miller said a “statement of recognition” seemed dishonest.

“I think a lot of the words that have been spoken by the government have been words, but we’re not seeing a lot of that come to fruition,” she told ABC Radio ahead of the statement.

‘I want to hear an acknowledgment that people have suffered truly terrible consequences from their employment in Parliament.’

Ms Miller has alleged that former education minister Alan Tudge was emotionally and physically abusive towards her during an extramarital affair – allegations the MP has denied.


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