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These flamboyant creations are a game-changer on menus, while adding a fun element to the restaurant.

Imagine that. You are in a restaurant, you have just finished dinner and you have been served a delicious melted chocolate creation. If your first reaction isn’t to pick up the spoon, but the phone and instantly click pictures, you’re not alone! Because the desserts really spoke, capturing tastes and hearts instantly, online. No wonder then that the world of pretty Instagrammable desserts can rival a food menu in more ways than one! And cafés and pastry chefs are upping their game when it comes to creativity. Says Rachel Goenka, CEO and Founder of The chocolate spoon company, “To me, desserts are delicious edible works of art in the world of food! These are dishes that you consume visually first and therefore should be pleasing to the eye. It’s all about textures, levels, layering and lots of color – things that automatically lend themselves to looking as pretty as a picture. I always take pictures of desserts, especially when I travel, for example on my recent trip to Madrid where I did a dessert tour with my sister. It’s great to see how the same dessert is prepared in so many creative ways. Learn more about this trend…

Freakshakes have appeal for “I ate that” stamps

People have loved capturing what they eat ever since they had phones, but the credit for the resurgence of the trend on Instagram and other social media has grown, thanks to these Dalgona coffees and freakshakes! The latter, in particular, is all the rage in restaurants and cafes and if indulgence had a metaphor, this would be it! Imagine a monstrous, messy pile of cakes, marshmallows, chocolate, cookies, pretzels, brownies, fudge, whipped cream, sprinkles, waffles, syrup and more in front of you! It’s so unique that you can’t help but take a picture of it to shout “Hey, I ate that”! Ishaan Bahl, founder of 145 Cafe & Bar, talks about how freakshakes continue to be a big hit. He says, “These mashup milkshakes are out of this world in terms of looks and flavor. They are more than just a drink; the freakshakes are meticulously designed and you can be as creative as you want with them! We found 22 different types and so far people are coming back for more rounds of these chunky shakes, almost all of them taking countless photos and videos.

OTT creations are a delicious temptation

Too good ! Nutella Ferrero Cheesecake and Lotus Biscoff and Chocolate (R) Nama

How many times have you heard someone say, “Oh, that looks almost too good to eat!” Dessert maker and owner of House of Amel, Sanah Ahuja’s creations are like that. Deep reds and burgundies with carefully composed shapes, they are alluring, okay! She says, “Customers today travel a lot and want that creative edge when ordering desserts to give away. They believe in ‘you eat with your eyes first’. Thus, we treat each dessert as a canvas, which we then glaze or spray to create a mesmerizing dessert to watch. We experimented with shades of color, for example, in our hazelnut and chocamel, they are perfect for the gram! This is also the case with Wakai’s Nama Chocolate – a lovely plate with Sao thome chocolate ganache, chocolate earth, chocolate sable and seasonal berries!

Obviously, the days when a single piece of cake or maybe a scoop of ice cream on a waffle was enough for a sweet bite are over. It got way more decadent than that and today, drippy and flowy is the way to go! Duo of brothers Harsh Shah and Nisarg Shah, from Dessert Therapy Coffee have based their menu on this concept of gluttony. Says Nisarg, “People these days love the idea of ​​a big, beautiful dessert. They want it to look dramatic and taste great. We came up with a half and half cheesecake with combos duo of ingredients like Nutella and Lotus biscoff or berry coulis and biscoff, to please everyone, even our pancakes, hotcakes and sundaes follow this mantra.

And, to match those gorgeous desserts, patisseries and cafes are also adopting pretty pink, gold and floral interiors to set the right backdrop. Nisarg adds, “We wanted the aesthetic of our cafe to go with the menu, so that people would end up posting about the desserts in a mood that matches.

How Truffles Fit In

Food Friday Into the world of Instagrammable desserts

Truffle Mint Chocolate Chip Truffle (R) Aamras for an elegant and delicious bite

Petit is powerful here too and when it comes to the world of Instaworthy desserts, truffles seem to be spot on. According to chef Vidushi Sharma, who is the founder of Truffle & Co, “Truffles may seem modest, but they are one of the most Instagrammable sweets out there! They are luscious, velvety and pack in a punch of flavor even in their small size. And the flavors of these hand-rolled truffles decide how they look – from the color of the ganache to what they’re mixed with – from plain cocoa powder to mint and chocolate chips, to matcha green, to walnuts or even pairing lush liqueurs with single origin dark chocolate…the variations here are just endless! It’s like a blank canvas that you can fill with a plethora of flavors and textures. One flavor I’ll be launching soon is white chocolate infused with Szechuan pepper for that zing.

Rachel Goenka featured Aamras and Kaju Katli truffles in her book Adventures with Mithai and says, “These desserts are versatile and can be customized to the creator’s imagination and palette. Gourmet truffle pairings and varieties are plentiful, from coffee and coffee, to different percentages of chocolates, and even fun flavors like basil, goat cheese, chilli caramel, and more. There is also a lot to do with truffles in terms of presentation. You can get innovative by using nuts, colored cocoa butter in various patterns and effects, colorful chocolates, printed designs, and more, which makes them so visually appealing.

Molecular gastronomy and other culinary tips

Food Friday Into the world of Instagrammable desserts

Chocolate ball on fire, khandvi sorbet and cocoa dessert, attract attention with their taste and visual appeal

Another trend that catches the eye and that fits perfectly, concerns smoke, surprises and fun! We talk about molecular gastronomy, where science plays on food to transform its physical and chemical elements. From a brownie hissing with syrup and smoke to a slushy “bomb” exploding with gooey rushing chocolate, ice cream with halos of mousse and caramel, deconstructed soufflés and more, these creations create a buzz, perhaps more than the food itself! And restaurants are getting into it more than ever. At the modernist Trèsind restaurant, Mumbai, helmed by chef Himanshu Saini, get ready to bite into a neat khandvi sorbet and milk-foamed kaju katli. And this is just one example of this contemporary approach to desserts.

To Masquerade, Mumbai, the menu is full of delicious surprises. Aditi Dugar, owner of the fancy restaurant, says the cocoa and khari-berry cookie desserts are a hit. She explains: “Food is a question of innovation and technique. There’s a certain element to deconstructed desserts that creates a sense of wonder. It’s like a sudden burst of flavor or texture you get. With our cocoa dessert you have cocoa fruit, mousse, ice cream and crisps, served in a cocoa shell, it looks so gorgeous and you dig into each layer and until you reach the last one, each one having different textures!

These almost theatrical desserts are pure social media gold! Zorawar Kalra, Founder and Director – Massive Restaurants Pvt Ltd, who developed a “Ball of Chocolate on Fire” to Papaya, Mumbai, says diners love to click on it. “It’s a creamy, chocolatey, lit dessert, both literally and figuratively,” he reveals, adding, “It’s stuffed with vanilla ice cream, orange-flavored nut brownie, cream of coffee, cookie crumbs and flambé with orange liqueur. The ball melts right in front of you after being set on fire by the staff. It’s not only a treat to look at but it’s also a treat for the taste buds. Desserts are everyone’s favorite and there is always room for transformation and reinvention.

Next time you’re eating out, pay attention to the dessert menu and grab the camera before the spoon, because the dessert can be spicier than the food itself!

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