Galentine and Valentine’s Day 2021 ideas: spreading love from home

In a year that has physically separated us all but reminded us of what our loved ones mean to us emotionally, Valentine’s Day and its friendship-focused precursor, Galentine’s or Palentine’s Day (Saturday, February 13) take a particular resonance. Whether you’re planning on celebrating with your partner, girlfriends, or both, in February, you’ll be looking for ways to mark the occasion at home and potentially online, if you’re toasting with people outside your household.

Stripped of the flashy, performative agendas and elements that make couples and singles cringe at the idea of ​​Valentine’s Day, this year’s Hearty Edition has the potential to be a lot more authentic – and a chance to all of us to spread love. So grab it, own it, and make it an opportunity to revel in the relationships you cherish most – romantic, platonic, or even with yourself.

If you’re looking for inspiration to make Galentine, Palentine, and Valentine’s Day at home feel special, read on.

To give

Wild flower

First of all, the gift. A dozen roses might be cliché, but there’s no reason to dismiss flowers entirely – no one can dispute that they brighten up a home. Flowerbx Red Velvet Italian Ranunculus (from £ 105) are a sophisticated alternative to red roses and equally romantic. during this time The Drew by Bloom & Wild (£ 45) is a versatile bouquet in blush hues marrying roses with tastes of eucalyptus, lilies, hypericum berries and more. Or, for a floral gift that will last long after the day itself, check out the collection of JamJar Flowers pressed flower prints.

Beyond the flowers, Biscuits and Bad brownie are two Cultural whisper favorites when it comes to edible gifts, while you can’t go wrong with a basket like Fortnum & Mason or Harvey Nichols. From the first, we have our eye on the Locking Lovers Basket (£ 175) with its mixture of delicacies, while the latter is Valentine’s Day Basket (£ 100) will take care of your drinks and food for the night.

Give to a friend? Happy box is one of our favorites for sending thoughtful, personalized packages – you can create your own package covering beauty, treats, housewares, wellness and more.

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Atmosphere creation

Ambience is everything when it comes to setting the tone for a romantic night, even if it’s yourself you’re serenading. We talk about sweet and spicy candles, mood lighting, delicate spirals of light garlands and a soundtrack to complete the atmosphere. (Spotify’s French jazz playlist is a chic and evocative reference if you haven’t prepared your own.)

CW selections (clockwise from left): Regalo scented candle by Fornasetti, £ 155 – buy here; Aesop’s Catherine Oil Burner Mix, £ 25 – buy here; LuminaOfLondon Confetti Lights, £ 29.99 – buy here; Jo Malone scented layered candle, £ 150 – buy here.

Raise a glass and a fork

Petersham Nurseries launched home meal boxes

Somewhere chic champagne, cocktails hidden in a curtained underground bar and candlelit dinners in a carefully chosen restaurant are all pleasures put on ice for now. But luckily, many of the institutions that provided such joys used this closed year to perfect the art of creating meal kits, or mixing and bottling their cocktails, delivering these goods to our doors.

Among those offering tailor-made offers this month is Petersham Nurseries, which has launched a Home meal box for Valentine’s Day (for two for £ 135), including the ingredients to recreate Petersham’s Rose Bellini, a potted David Austin English rose, a three-course dinner (with the sublime blood orange roast duck) and truffles to finish. Additionally, the Richmond Nursery will be selling UK-grown bouquets for £ 55 on Valentine’s Day weekend for those who can get there in person.

Another offer that fuses flora and fodder is the exceptional Covent Garden brunch, 26 cereals, which offers a Valentine’s Day brunch box with Assembly coffee, porridge mix, almond and cocoa crumble, a candle and a mini bouquet of Dot and the Dandelion dried flowers, with the option to add the Bloody Mary mix signature restaurant or a bottle of cava.

Big Mamma’s Signature Lemon Meringue Pie Goes Pink for Valentine’s Day

Somewhere else, Napoli Gang – the delivery service of the Big Mamma group (from Gloria and Circolo Popolare) – for the occasion redo its famous Lemon Meringue Tart.

Focusing on Galentine’s Day, HOSTE presenter and founder Laura Jackson launched a three-course meal kit for two (£ 55) with oven-baked Camembert, prime rib (or a vegetarian Wellington), winter vegetables from Covent Garden and Eton Mess with toasted hazelnuts and berry compote. Each set also comes with a 375ml bottle of Rosé Impérial from Moët & Chandon, a Pink Blossom Love candle from Wax Atelier and a playlist to help set the mood.

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Valentine’s Day box from Cahoots

Then there is the question of what to drink. Let’s be honest, unless you’re a mixologist (or had a previous life) cocktails are a thing to do at home, and things get especially tricky if you’re trying to coordinate schedules with buddies who mix. theirs elsewhere. So it’s good news that several of London’s best bars, including Fast, Coupette and Coalition (photo) have each developed a tailor-made offer for Valentine’s Day that can be delivered to your door.

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About the weather

Once the gifts have been redeemed and the glasses toast, it’s time to turn your home into a movie theater or theater – two more lost treasures from the past year and some ancient dating options for Saint’s Day. -Valentine. Netflix provides a portal to our more alluring, fanciful past with a host of romantic classics (Notting Hill, About the weather, The notebook and Bridget Jones Diary among them) and also offering fresher titles (welcome, To all the boys: PS I still love you).

Streaming with your Galentines? We can’t think of a more fitting offering this year than creator and playwright Michelle Hudson’s new one-woman show. Animals (Wednesday 10 – Sunday 14 February), streaming via Greenwich Theater, about the bizarre trend for dating apps to pose with exotic animals.

A touch of sentimentality

Oh squirrel stationery

Whoever you celebrate with, remotely or in person, you’ll want to add your own touch to mark the occasion – whether it’s sending a card, making affirmations about your friendship, or talking about what you are doing. love each other over a toast.

If you want to personalize a card or letter but art isn’t your thing, look for independent stationery brands. Oh squirrel (photo) or Choose Keep, both of which offer elegant cards, decorative paper, and a range of art materials. Or maybe you prefer to play a puzzle or a board game instead of watching a movie?

We don’t need to cancel Valentine’s Day this year, or think it’s not for us if we don’t have a partner to mark it with. After a year spent away from those who are dear to us, this is the year to embrace the day of love and spread it far and wide.

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