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About the platform

Cultural Chatbot is an AI-based software platform that creates chatbots specially designed for cultural heritage institutions. Chatbots are virtual assistants who can have digital conversations with users, providing them with information and services of interest during their online visit. Cultural heritage institutions can use chatbots to interact with their visitors on their various platforms, from their collections websites to social media accounts (for example, the organization’s Facebook profile).

The platform offers built-in support for multilingual conversations in all EU languages ​​and automatic translation of object metadata. You can see an example of how the chatbot supports discovery of Europeana collections with the autonomous chatbot (in English, Dutch, Spanish, Italian and Polish). Institutions interested in sharing data with Europeana can use the chatbot on Europeana Pro to find out which aggregator will be the best choice.

Advantages of the platform’s chatbots

  • Provide cultural heritage institutions with a free, easy-to-use and modern tool for public engagement

  • Provide 24-hour support and advice to online visitors

  • Improve the overall user experience of cultural heritage platforms, with artificial intelligence technologies ensuring that visitors receive a near real-time and highly relevant answer to their questions

  • Support all EU languages, help cultural heritage institutions reduce the communication barrier by offering assistance in the user’s language and raise awareness and increase engagement with their collections among local communities.

Technical informations

The bot uses the open source Rasa chatbot framework and the open source Dgraph engine for Knowledge Graph. The chatbot tool also conforms to the Europeana data model as the bot collects EDM data through the Europeana API. Additionally, the Natural Language Processing bot component uses the Search API to improve its results. The source code developed is licensed under EUPL v1.1.

Use the Culture Chatbot

If you want to use the platform, contact project partners or visit the Chatbot site.

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