Cocoa fruit juice may be the new hot health drink

The fruit of the cocoa tree is not only eaten when transformed into chocolate, it can also be drunk in liquid form. The cocoa pod, the famous thick envelope in which the cocoa beans are located – still white at this stage, contains a mucilaginous white pulp. An ingredient rich in fiber and vitamins that can be used in cocktails to give the body a boost. Central American cultures have been drinking this elixir for a long time…

And contrary to what one might imagine, the nectar does not taste of cocoa, but of fresh fruit. Reminiscent of lychee, lemon, exotic fruits, this is how Mr. Txokola’s chocolate makers describe their cocoa juice. The brand based in the French Basque Country launched its recipe less than a year ago. A small bottle, available for sale on the brand’s online store, sells for €4 (around €20).

Cocoa fruit juice may be the new hot health drink;

And in Switzerland, the trend has not gone unnoticed! Cocoa juice is becoming a taste (and commercial) phenomenon that should not be overlooked. Touted as a natural antidepressant, antioxidant, source of magnesium… The many virtues of cocoa have been known for decades. The Barry Callebaut group has decided to ride the well-being trend to highlight the benefits of its new product: Cocoafruit juice. A few days ago, the Swiss giant unveiled Elix, a so-called functional drink, whose manufacturing process preserves the nutrients of the cocoa fruit. The group is counting on the richness in flavonoids of its new formulation to seduce consumers looking for a cocoa drink that does them good. This is the first time that Barry Callebaut has entered the so-called nutriceuticals market. The brand relies on the ability of its new product to boost blood circulation. It took more than 15 years of research and development to develop Elix, which may also appeal to consumers for its magnesium, iron and potassium content.

Meanwhile, Swiss brand Koa decided to work with farmers in Ghana by maximizing the raw material of the pod and ultimately producing a juice from the ingredient. The company has partnered with the prestigious Swiss producer of fine chocolates Felchlin, to distribute its drink. It is also found in Japan, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Germany. Felchlin even transformed the cocoa juice into… ice tea!

In the future, the mucilaginous white pulp could even become the star of the latest trendy recipes on Instagram… The chocolate brand Valrhona won the innovation prize at the last Sirha World Hospitality and Food Service for its “Oabika” , a concentrated cocoa fruit juice made available to chefs for their chocolate creations. Stay tuned. — Studio ETX

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