Chocolate pudding and chia seeds

What’s the first gift you give mom when you want to make her happy on Mother’s Day? Chocolate will almost always be your answer. Chocolate has a way of making almost everyone happy, and Mother’s Day shouldn’t be any different. Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding isn’t only going to satisfy that chocolate craving, but you don’t have to feel guilty after letting yourself go, either.

The best part about this dessert, besides the low calories, is that it only takes a few minutes to combine the ingredients and let them sit. Honey helps sweeten this dessert and provides some great nutrients along with the chia seeds. Do yourself an even bigger favor and lightly mash the chia seeds break their shells. Indeed, it allows your body to digest them more easily and to reap all the benefits. This recipe is for one serving, so you can just increase the amounts. Each serving contains only 294 calories.

Give mom the best gift by giving her a guilt-free chocolate and chia seed pudding for Mother’s Day.

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